The Bose QC35’s: Quality Sound and Superior Technology

Bose is a name know for superior audio quality. So it comes as no surprise that the new bose qc35 headphones offer the rich and powerful sound Bose products are known for. However, the sound quality isn’t the only selling feature of these headphones. Along with excellent audio reproduction is the integration cutting edge technology, which makes these headphones easy and convenient to use. Here are some of the feature a person can expect when using these Bose headphones.

The first thing people may notice about the QC35’s is they have no cord. These are wireless headphones in the truest sense. They can connect to a device via Blue tooth, which makes them the ideal headphones for use with a smartphone or a tablet device. These headphones can be charged with a simple USB connection and the QC35’s come with a battery that will power the headphones for over 20 hours. In addition, they also offer a quick charging option. If the batteries have completely drained, simply charging the headphones for 15 minutes will allow the battery will run for approximately 2.5 hours.

However, the Quiet Comfort headphones don’t stop at wireless technology. They are called quiet comfort headphones for a reason. While noise cancellation technology is nothing new, these headphones offer something a bit different and more advanced. They employ acoustic noise cancellation technology. This is where the headphones constantly monitor background notice via a processor chip. Whether the noise goes up or down in volume, the QC35’s continue to cancel out that noise with opposite signal levels pursuant to the level of background noise.

Lastly, Bose has also incorporated a wider head strap, which adds extra comfort and a more sturdy headphone unit. In addition, the QC 35’s uses a processor based digital equalization application that boosts quiet signals and moderates loud signals to give the listener an even volume while listening.

It is true that the Quiet Comfort 35’s do represent a significant investment. However, if quality sound, durability, and comfort are what you’re looking for, you would be hard pressed to find a pair of headphones that do it better than the QC35’s.